Dad Claims Land To Make Daughter A Princess

A Virginia dad, Jeremiah Heaton, has made a land claim to make his daughter’s dream of becoming a princess true. The former Democrat candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 9th District has now set his eyes on a new monarchy, rather than American politics. Heaton began the search for a piece of land to claim for his 7 year old daughter and was able to find a plot on the border of Egypt and Sudan. The 800 square mile piece of land takes 14 hours to get to by caravan from Egypt, so there is little concern somebody else will try to take the land from him. The newly founded Kingdom of North Sudan, as Heaton calls it, is looking to other African countries for recognition as a sovereign nation. Dads everywhere now have to think twice before they tell their daughters they can be a princess.

(Photo Jeremiah Heaton)

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