President Asks For $3.7 Billion For Border Crisis

President Obama has made a request of $3.7 billion to pay for the expenses associated with the current border crisis. This number is over $1 billion higher than what was originally anticipated. Many of the illegal immigrants, now detained, come from central American countries. A large number of those crossing the border are children which the administration is unsure what to do with them. Many on both sides of the aisle are calling for their deportation, the standard procedure, but some Democrats are seeking other options. The flood of illegal immigrants comes as a result of the federal government’s weakness in enforcing the current immigration laws. Individuals come here illegally because of the difficulty and red tape of the legal immigration process and in hope that the administration’s weak stance may allow them to stay in the end. Many mayors, legislatures, and governors of border states have pleaded with the administration for many months to address the immigration crisis. US Senator Lindsey Graham takes a strong stance on the issue saying, “We’ve got to turn that impression around, send these children back to their homelands, tell the countries in question if you don’t keep them and take care of them, we’re going to cut all aid.” Times like these prove prevention is the best cure.

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