Government Shutdown Or Government Slim Down?

Is a government shutdown a true shutdown of the government? Simply put, no. Many important positions and services performed by the government remain in place, such as air traffic control operators and the military. Conveniently the President’s and and Congress’ salary will still be paid. Many have brought up ideas of mass chaos stemming from a shutdown, but we still go on with our everyday lives just as before. It is true some government workers have been furloughed, but the Republican controlled House voted to pay all of these employees during the shutdown and are waiting on action from the Senate. Overall this is much more of a slim down than a true shutdown.

To make matters worse, it would appear the President is picking and choosing which programs to fund for political reasons. Apparently there is not enough money to keep the unstaffed open air WWII Memorial open, but there is enough to pay $445 million to the left leaning Corporation of Public Broadcasting. It costed the government more money to close the memorial than to keep it open and threatened to arrest and WWII vets that tried to cross the barriers. The administration paid out this large sum the first day of the shutdown. Also there wasn’t enough money to keep the Amber Alert System website up and running but there was enough to keep the new healthcare website open, although nobody can seem to get it to work. The White House remains closed to tours even though it costs visually nothing compared to the national budget to keep it open. The President has politicized this issue attempting to bring as much harm as possible to Americans to make House Republicans look like the bad guy taking the government hostage even though the House has offered multiple compromises on passing the budget. But if you take a look through all the political smoke and mirrors you can see the true identity of the situation.

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    October 15, 2013 at 2:31 am

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