A Week In 36 Hours

This is a look into the whirlwind of a trip that Roy (Roy Costner III), Roy B (Roy Costner IV), Logan Gibson and myself (Clay Counts) took up to New York City for experience of a lifetime.


At 10 am Thursday morning Logan and myself met at Roy’s house. Roy and Roy B had made the six hour drive from Myrtle Beach early that morning. Roy B stopped in Greenville for an interview with Your Carolina and Roy came on back to the house in Liberty. After loading the car up and saying our good byes, the three of us made our way to Easley. We made a quick pit stop at the bank and while Roy was inside CNN called asking to set up an interview with Roy for that night. At the time it was kind of a surprise to us another news corporation that large was wanting to get in on the story. By the time the call was over we were already halfway to Greenville and WYFF 4 had called Logan asking to meet us at the airport. We then rode over to the Fox studios to meet Roy B for another quick interview before heading to the airport. With everybody now all piled in one car, we made the short trip across town to GSP. We were in through security quick enough to have time to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant there in the terminal. Just as we finished eating, WYFF 4 was able to get some shots of Roy B leaving. As we made our way into the loading area, we found out our flight to Washington DC was delayed but only for a few minutes. After the short wait we were loaded up on the plane an were off to DC. The sites were wonderful as we flew in and it had cleared up enough to see many of the landmarks. Because our first flight was delayed, we had to run across the airport to catch our next flight to New York City only making it by 10 minutes. The flight took no time at all and before long we were over NYC. The views were just as great as in DC it was a sight to see. After making our way through the airport, we hopped in a taxi and rode down into the city. We received several phone calls on the way with people seeking interviews and appearances from Roy B. The ride into the city was wild with cars everywhere and horns always going. Finally we were in Time Square and at our hotel. We rushed to get checked in, unpack, and get dressed up nice for the first interview. With no time to spare we made our way down to the lobby and into the valet CNN provided for us. After a short ride across town we arrived at Time Warner studios, CNN’s home. We were given our security passes and were escorted up the green room which is a sort of holding room for guests that are going to appear on the show. As we waited for Roy to go on, a gentleman named Alan Dershowitz came over and introduced himself to me. We began to talk and we discovered he had be teaching law at Harvard for 50 years. He had some wonderful stories to tell and revealed to us he had taught some very high ranking government officials including President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts. Just as we were beginning to really get to know each other it was time for Roy to go on with Piers Morgan. Piers was a wonderful person with a great personality and a pretty funny guy too. The interview went wonderful and then we were heading back out of the CNN studios down into Time Square. We were all starving so we went into a restaurant Roy had eaten at before that turned out to be just as good as he said it would be. We asked our waitress if this large building next door with all kinds of TVs and lights was the Fox News building and she told us it was. After we finished eating, we got to walk around Time Square for a few minutes and enjoy the sights. It was already late so we went on back to the hotel. In the room we did a few little adjustments we needed to to with the website and went on to sleep, or at least tried. Roy was “sawing some logs” so the noise from the streets weren’t a problem at all. 5:15 am came, and went, early because Roy B answered the wakeup call and fell back asleep. Our phone alarms eventually woke us up and we rushed to get ready to go. We weren’t too worried because we knew where we were going, or so we thought. As we arrived to the “Fox News Building” we discovered that definitely wasn’t it. So we ran over to the road to hail a cab and one runs straight through a puddle and splashes all over Roy B. We finally got a cab to stop and got Roy B in quickly. As Roy was trying to pay the driver, another cab comes and gets him with the puddle too. Then when things can’t get any worse, a second cab flies by and completes soaking Roy. The cab finally left then Roy, Logan and myself ran around looking for Fox News in the rain with $5 umbrellas that worked about as good as a newspaper. We finally looked it up on our phones and ran over to the building. Once we got in, it was like a circus. People were running everywhere trying to get all the guests organized. Eddie Money and his band were performing for the show after all the interviews. Roy B’s interview with Fox and Friends went great and just like that we were done. We ventured back out into the rain to run over to the Today Show. We got in on a few shots when the camera swept across the crowd. After a few minutes there, we went underground into a mall to grab breakfast. We then headed upstairs into the NBC building to kill some time and catch our breath. After debating weather or not to run out in the rain again or not, we decided to go back to the hotel to freshen up. We weren’t there too long before the valet from Fox was there to pick us up. Just as before we were escorted up to the green room. This time we were able to talk to another man in media, Cal Thomas. He had been a syndicated journalist for years and had a weekend show of his own there on Fox. Before long we were called on to the set for the interview with Megyn Kelly. Megyn was a wonderful lady that was so down to earth and friendly. It was really impressive getting to see somebody I had seen so many times on TV in person. And just like that another interview was over and we were riding back to the hotel to grab our bags. Roy B did a quick radio interview on the phone while we packed and then we were in another valet back to CNN. Pushed for time, we ran up to the studios but got separated from Roy B. He went on to the set to a phone interview with Sean Hannity while getting ready for the CNN interview. This last interview with CNN went just as well as the others and left us just enough time to ride over to the airport to catch our flight. After going through security, we had time to sit down and have our first real meal of the day. It just so happened we all ordered the exact same thing, sesame chicken. While we ate, some people next to us over heard our conversations and started a conversation with us. It turned out they were from North Carolina and had came to NYC to look into modeling. They shared with us how much more personal and friendly the agencies were down in the south were compared to the ones up in NYC. We then headed down into the loading area where we soon discovered our flight that was supposed to leave at 4:59 pm would be leaving at 8 pm. This was terrible for us because this would make us miss our connecting flight in Philadelphia. We started talking to a guy named Max, who was also on our flight, about the delay and he told us there was a place we could get our flight changed. We hurried over to the desk and just like that we were on a direct flight to GSP. We waited around in the terminal a few minutes and then we were called to load our plane up. It was pouring and very windy so the take off was a little bit scary. But we made it way up into the clouds without a hitch and after a well needed nap we were back at GSP. We dragged ourselves out to the car and swung by to pick up Roy B’s car where we left it so he could go down to Anderson for Palmetto Boys State. The car ride back was full of reflections and laughs from the last 36 hours that had been a whirlwind. We made it back home to Liberty just at 10 pm Friday night and craziest trip of our lives had come to an end.

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