Liberty’s Annexation Meeting

Liberty had an annexation meeting this past week at the Rosewood Center (beside Ingles) headed by Mr. Lavant Padgett (City Councilman). The meeting had a great turnout with close to 75 in attendance (see slideshow above). The annexation is a completely voluntary process and the ONLY way to become part of the city is by filling out the 100% Petition Form at the bottom of this post. With this annexation it is possible for you to save money, up to $400, by becoming part of the city. In the top image on the right is the taxes for a house appraised at $100,000. The bottom image is the cost in taxes of that same house if the house was moved to inside city limits. As you can see in both of the the images it’s over a $400 difference.  Another great benefit is a faster response time for protection (police). This isn’t saying the county does a bad job of adequately protecting us, but the response time is much quicker due to the fact that when you call for help you are calling someone already near your location. Since the Sheriff’s Patrol could potentially be on the other side of the county responding to your call.

How Does The %100 Petition Work? (By Ed Clem)

There are several ways to have an annexation pass.  All of them deal with percentages of petitions. 

Of course if 100% of the residents want it and sign then the city simply puts it to a vote at their town meeting.

If you have 75% or 50% then the city must hold meetings, etc……

If the city gets only 25% then it can be put on a ballot for a city election day, like November. then all citizens could vote to have a neighborhood annexed and help with the city taxes; which, all of the citizens who are already in the city would probably vote yes. To have us help lower their taxes. 

One thing is for sure, and YOU WILL NOT brought into the city if you don’t fill out the 100% petition form at the bottom.

This is the link to the state law

Additional Info (Lavant Padgett)

As Paul Harvey would say,” and now the rest of the story”. Thanks for your concern about an underlying “story” but there is none. We as a city would like to expand the city limits toward hwy 123, areas that already recieve some city benifits, sewer at greenforest subdivision and places that make sense, the area of lakewood heights. There is no way for  those folks to get to their home except on a city street that leads to their neighborhood.

It was stated from the very beginning and has not changed, if you are interested in being annexed into the city, we will try to work with you to do so. If you do “not” want to annex into the city, simply do not fill out one of the annexation forms. This was one of the first things covered at the meeting, one of the last things covered at the meeting, and everyone I have spoken with I stated this fact… one is trying to force anyone into the city.

Now, if you are “interested” and your property is connected to property that is in the city, that would be “continual” and you feel the benefits will work for you or you may save some “total” money over the year by reducing your water or sever or garbage pick up, then you simply fill out the annexation form and turn it in at city hall. There has to be a public notice of at least 7 days before a first reading, if there are no objections, 7 days or longer there is a second reading at the next city council meeting. This notice is then sent to Pickens Co mapping and to South Carolina mapping inColumbia and there maps must be redrawn to include your plot in the city limits. I am not really sure how many other  records must be changed but when all the papers are recorded and remapping is done, then, your parcel is declared part of the city.  I don’t know how many weeks this may take but all the paper work is sent from our city clerk’s office to the appropriate place.

Ways To Save:

You Can Save On Property Tax

To calculate your tax estimate based on out of city (county) and in city please go to the link:

To Calculate Property Tax Savings:

1) Fill out the form and select Tax District: “District NA – County Only” This will give you the estimate for taxes while living in the county.

2)Fill out the same form and for Tax District Select: “District 2 – Liberty” This will give you the estimate for taxes if you lived in the city.

3) Subtract the tax you would have if you lived in the City (the number you get in “2”) from the estimate for taxes while living in the county (the number you get in “1”).

4) If your number is negative then it probably isn’t beneficial for you to be annexed in to the city, but if it is positive, then that is the amount of money you could possibly save by being annexed in.

You Can Save Money On Vehicle Taxes

You Can Save Money On Water

In some cases it is not beneficial to become part of the city. Something you may want to look into while making your decision: On the Liberty SC website there are 126 pages of ordinances and laws that must be followed by their city residents.   Such as height of grass, yard sale, open fires, etc…………

Whether it be financially or for other city laws you don’t want to have to deal with. In the case you don’t want to become part of the city simply don’t feel out the form below.

To Download Petition Form To Become Part Of The City Click The Link Below:

100% Petition Form

Below is a map of Zoning Classifications in Liberty in addition with a key below it:


  1. Ed

    August 31, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    I haven’t had time to watch the video yet so I apologize if this is answered in your video – what I would like to know is more details of this process from the cities point of view. If someone fills out the petition they don’t automatically become in city limits.

    What is this process? People fill out the form and then what? What if my neighbor does but I don’t?

    I feel like we aren’t learning the full story in this article. Please don’t encourage people to fill out the form until we know how this whole process works and can make an educated decision.

  2. Daniel

    September 11, 2012 at 2:55 am

    My big concern is that our services (garbage, debris pick-up, etc) are not where they should be. We’ve had debris in our front yard and I have called and spoken to our City Councilman with no change in the situation. So, now we look at adding areas to where we have to provide services and add tax money, but the services are not where they need to be with the current city boundaries and our money is not being used to make any evident improvements to the city or draw in business. It’s been discussed for some time, but we’re not seeing change happen… I just worry that we keep adding tax money and expanding the city, but where is that money going and what will happen to already below-standard services???

  3. R

    September 11, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    This is crazy. Have you looked at Liberty? We are getting random sidewalks but no removal of debris! Taxes are high and prohibitive to business and you have to pay the city to have a yard sale! If you are annexed, you lose freedom to use your property as you wish. This is crazy. I want our mayor to follow through on what he pledged to do and not just work to grab more money that goes into another hole!

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