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Roy Costner

Hi Liberty! I am Roy, owner and operator of this site! In August of 2011 me and two of my closest friends were thinking of a way to spend our time and benefit our community. We realized Liberty had no TRUE news site with positive, reliable information. On that particular night we decided to start Liberty Speaks! A site dedicated to Liberty, South Carolina and helping in any way, other than news, that we could. The three of us have also helped with several things which include: Liberty Idol, Pickens County Has Talent, and Liberty Automotive Showcase and Festival.

Contact Information

Phone: (864) 704-0398

Email: admin@libertyspeaks.net

Logan Gibson

Hey Liberty! Im Logan, one of the three who run this site. This past summer in early august we had this idea to invent an all positive website for the town we love. After weeks of planning and getting the site ready behind the scenes,we launched www.libertyspeaks.net. We never imagined that we would have the support and positive reaction that we did. The site sometimes gets difficult to manage due to the fact that I work at Lowe’s and also attend college, but all three of us do all that we can. This site has taught me so much and has opened the door for us to meet and work with so many people. I love to meet new people and answer questions that the citizens want answered. Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email at any time.

Contact Information

Phone: (864) 360-3336

Email: logancoleg@yahoo.com

Clay Counts

Hey Liberty! I am Clay one of the three who keep the site up and running. I along with Roy and Logan saw the need for a new positive news source for Liberty and the surrounding area which brought on the creation of Liberty Speaks. All of us do our best to be involved in the community and have a positive impact on everyone who lives here. Being college and high school students our schedules stay busy, but we do all we can to bring you the best local news! We are constantly building and expanding from just news to radio broadcasts, debates, events, and more! I always enjoy hearing feedback on the site so feel free to give me a call at to tell me what else you want to see.

Contact Information

Phone: (864) 630-5739

Email: claycounts21@yahoo.com